In many of these towns Estrio performed all the Trios by Schumann and Mendelssohn.

With orchestra EsTrio frequently plays Beethoven Triple Concerto and  “Albatro Concerto” by the Italian composer Giorgio Federico Ghedini .


EsTrio is very interested in discovering female composers, and has brought rarely done pieces to wider audiences. In 2009, Estrio for the Women’s Day celebrations performed for the President of the Italian Republic a programme by women composers that was broadcasted live on the Italian national radio.

EsTrio has toured extensively from Japan to the United States, from South America to the Middle East, playing together with Salvatore Accardo, David Finckel, Bruno Canino, Rainer Kussmaul, Bruno Giuranna, Toby and Gary Hoffmann, Rocco Filippini and Franco Petracchi.


EsTrio’s eclectic attitude and desire to experiment new ways made the group collaborate with artists from theatre, dance and jazz. With the famous Italian actress Sonia Bergamasco and the choreographer Antonella Agati, Estrio created the piece : “ Pochi Avvenimenti, Felicità Assoluta” dedicated to the artistic and human bond between Robert and Clara Schumann, that was premiered at the MiTo Festival.


The name EsTrio comes from a fusion of different references: the German E flat Es, the Es of Freudian conception and the idea of “estro”: the passion of fantasy and imagination of the classic Greek culture.


EsTrio recorded for the Foné label and in 2014 the Mendelssohn trios were released by Decca.

                                                                                oria milano


Laura Gorna -  violin

Cecilia Radic - cello

Laura Manzini - piano

“..technically excellent musicians and artists able to unsettling and relaxing, playing under the name of Estrio: solidity and imagination, culture and instinct in the beauty of sound...”  (Lorenzo Arruga)


Since the beginning of his activity, Estrio drew the attention of audience and critics as one of the best Italian  chamber music groups.


Laura Gorna (violin), Cecilia Radic (cello) and Laura Manzini (piano) inherited and reinterpreted the tradition of the great Italian school learned by their theachers Salvatore Accardo, Rocco Filippini and Bruno Canino.


EsTrio plays regularly for the most important concert seasons in Rome, Milan, Turin, Padua, Vicenza, Palermo , Siena, Naples, Florence  and Festivals of Ravello, Bologna, Milan and Turin MiTo  .